NEC Memorial Concert for Milton Babbitt
Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 4 p.m.

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano
Rodney Lister, piano

"The Virginal Book" (Babbitt 1988)
"Feldeinsamkeit, Op. 86 No. 2" (Johannes Brahms)
"The Widow's Lament in Springtime" (Babbitt 1951)



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"Her lustrous mezzo-soprano, her warmly communicative musical personality, and this gorgeous program are are an irresistable combination." NEW YORK MAGAZINE

Harp Songs & Interludes
(Northeastern/ NR 231)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Fenwick Smith, flute / Burton Fine, viola and violin / Susan Miron, harp / The Melisande Trio
Released: 1986

[NR 202] Praised by the NEW YORK TIMES as among "the year's best"

Amy Beach: Dark Garden: Songs and Violin Pieces
(Northeastern/NR 202 and NR 9004)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Joseph Silverstein, violin / Virginia Eskin, piano
Released: 1988 and 1981

"The mezzo-soprano D'Anna Fortunato sang the songs with timbral grace and warm instincts." NEW YORK TIMES

Charles Martin Loeffler: Songs
(Northeastern/NR 207)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Patricia McCarty, viola / Virginia Eskin, piano
Released: 1983


Includes: Songs of nature / J. Heiss
In eius memoriam / S. Shifrin
Crossworks / P. Lansky.

New American Music for Chamber Ensemble

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano with Boston Musica Viva (flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano) / Richard Pittman, Conductor
Released: 1978

"This carefully recorded and well-sung Arsis CD offers a nice portrait of a distinctive Amerian figure, dominated by the composer's own clear and sensitive piano playing. ...It all adds up. Rodney Lister is one of the people you should hear and get to know if you care at all about current American music." Paul Ingram, FANFARE MAGAZINE

"This is another fine release from this label and gently recommended to listeners who like to explore the lyrical byways of American music." John Story, FANFARE MAGAZINE

Somewhere To Get To: Music of Rodney Lister
(Arsis Records)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Pascale Delache-Feldman, contrabass / Ian Greitzer, clarinet / John Hollander, narrator / Denise Konicek, soprano / Rodney Lister, piano / Mary Westbrook Geha, mezzo-soprano / Joel Smirnoff, violin / John Ziarko, viola / Collage New Music / David Hoose, conductor
Released: 2005

"There's not a dull scene in it. The singers are ideal for the piece. The ensemble is sharp (a fiendishly close canon on the words "Mazel tov" to a klezmer riff made my jaw drop). Above all, the performance involves a listener in the drama." Steve Schwartz, CLASSICAL NET

David Schiff: Gimpel the Fool
(Naxos 8.669010-11)

Richard Zeller (Gimpel) / D'Anna Fortunato (Elka) / Kevin Walsh (Badkhen) / Thomas Glenn (Rabbi) / Alissa Mercurio Rowe (Fegele, Goat, Evil One) / Third Angle Ensemble / Kenneth Kiesler, conductor
Released: 2007

"...excellent intonation and truly superb diction. The composer gets every bit of commitment and interpretive intelligence from her singer that she could desire. ...I liked the 2003 Three Songs for D’Anna best of the entire program—for their concision and for the composer’s apparent deep understanding of this soloist." Robert Carl, FANFARE MAGAZINE

Marilyn J. Ziffrin: Songs & Arias

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Max Lifchitz, piano and harpsichord / Liuh-Wen Ting, viola
Released: 2005

"In "Light," which sets excerpts from a text by Hildegard von Bingen, the vocal line, sung here with shimmering presence by the mezzo-soprano D'anna Fortunato, is arching and urgent. The Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble, conducted by Scott Wheeler, give a vibrant performance." Anthony Tommasini, NEW YORK TIMES

Scott Lindroth: Human Gestures
(CRI/ CR808)

Donald Berman, piano / Scott Wheeler, conductor / Dinosaur Annex Ensemble / Michael Curry, cello / Diane Heffner, clarinet / James Russell Smith, percussion / Cyrus Stevens, violin / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Eric Pritchard, violin / Frederic Raimi, cello / Hsiao-mei Ku, violin / Jonathan Bagg, viola / Ciompi Quartet / Libby Van Cleve, oboe / Veronica Macchia-Kadlubkiewicz, violin / Curtis Macomber, violin
Released: 1999

"Twenty years ago a record by D'Anna Fortunato of neglected songs by Amy Cheney Beach wound up on most critics' lists of the best discs of the year. Fortunato's latest album is a winner comparable to that solo debut record. ....Most of the songs lie in the most lustrous areas of Fortunato's voice, and she has learned to sing English with such assurance that everything sounds utterly natural." THE BOSTON GLOBE

Gardner Read: The Art Of Song
(Albany Records/ TROY336)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / John McDonald, piano, Clare Nielsen, flute / Melia Repko, harp / Jennifer Elowitch, violin / Danielle Madden, violin / Susan Black, viola / Michael Curry, cello / Ariel Woodwind Quintet
Released: 1999

Sample: Will There Really Be a Morning?

"[Larry Bell's] music is tuneful, colourful, expressive, and inventive..." MUSICWEB

"There is no denying the brightness and tunefulness of this resourceful composer..." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

Larry Bell: Vocal Music
(Albany Records/ TROY741)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Larry Bell, piano / New England Conservatory Youth Philharmonic Orchestra / New England Conservatory Children's Chorus / Benjamin Zander, Conductor
Released: 2005

"Realized here in all its magnificence by Boston's Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra and Back Bay Chorale, as well as four of America's finest young singers, St Peter: An Oratorio speaks with a romantic eloquence and passion rarely equaled in American sacred music."

"Schuller's recording is a major accomplishment, both in the resurrection of the work and in the excellent production." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

"The four soloists are excellent. All of them project Paine's sensitive treatment of the text, giving dramatic weight to important words while keeping Paine's grande ligne going in large arches." Adrienne Fried Block, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (JSTOR)

John Knowles Paine: St. Peter, an oratorio, Opus 20
(GM Recordings)

Jeanne Ommerlé, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Paul Austin Kelly, tenor /David Evitts, baritone / Back Bay Chorale / Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra / Gunther Schuller, conductor
Released: 1990

Virgil Thomson: Mostly About Love: Songs & Vocal Works

Nancy Armstrong, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Sanford Sylvan, baritone / Frank Kelley, tenor / Paul Kirby, tenor / David Ripley, bass / James Russell Smith, percussion / Anthony Tommasini, piano
Released: 1994

Malcolm Peyton: Vocal Music
(Centaur Records/ CRC 2182)

Barbara Winchester, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / David Ripley, bass baritone / Dinosaur Annex Ensemble / Scott Wheeler, conductor
Released: 1994

Stephen Jaffe: The Rhythm of the Running Plow; Four Songs with Ensemble; Double Sonata
(Bridge Records)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / James Winn, piano / Anton Nel, piano / Barry Snyder, piano / Speculum Musicae / William Purvis, conductor / Prism Orchestra / Robert Black, conductor
Released: 1994

Music Of Leo Sowerby
(Gasparo Records)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Stephen Hartman, harp / Amernet String Quartet / Monadnock Chamber Musicians / Monadnock Festival Orchestra / James Bolle, conductor
Released: 1996

Miracles: Chamber Music for Flute by Daniel Pinkham
(Koch International Classics)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Burton Fine, viola / David Leisner, guitar / Daniel Pinkham, handbells / Fenwick Smith, flute / James David Christie, organ
Released: 1998

John Harbison: Early Works
(CRI/ CR875) now available on (New World Records/ NWCR875)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Jay Humeston, cello / William Wiley, percussion / Rose Mary Harbison, violin / Jane Bryden, soprano / Karl Dan Sorensen, tenor / Betty Hauck, viola / Erica Miner, violin / Mark Baker, bass / Benjamin Carriel, percussion / Helen Harbison, electric cello / American Composers Orchestra / Robert Miller, piano / Gunther Schuller, conductor / Cantata Singers and Ensemble / John Harbison, conductor / Robert D. Levin, electric organ / Albert Regni, tenor saxophone / Helen Harbison, cello
Released: 1973


". . . the most important new Weill recording in several years . . . " BOSTON GLOBE

Recipient of France's "Diapason d'Or," it also was included in LE MONDE's and the BOSTON GLOBE's best classical albums of the year for 1997.

"Magical equilibrium...obtained by the almost cinematic montage...The talented medievalist Joel Cohen reveals, with zest, Johnny Johnson, in its original beauty, surrounded by excellent performers..." Les Inrockuptibles (PARIS)

Weill: Music for Johnny Johnson
(Erato/ W255983)

D'Anna Fortunato
(Role of The Goddess)

Rene de la Garza (the Major and Private Harwood) / Ellen Santaniello (Minny Belle Tompkins) / John Delorey (Grandpa Joe) / Donald Wilkinson (Johnny Johnson) / Lynn Torgove (Aggie Tomkins) / Mark MacSweeney (Westpointer) / Richard Lalli (Captain Valentine and A German Priest) / Bruce Fithian (An English Sergeant) / Anne Azéma (A French nurse) / Bruce Fithian (An American Priest) / Paul Guttry (Doctor Mahodan) / Otare Pit Band / Joel Cohen, conductor
Released: 1997

Read more about this recording on the Boston Camerata website.


Schönberg: Gurrelieder
(GM Recordings/ GM2078)

D'Anna Fortunato
(Role of Waldtaube)

with Henry Grossman (Waldemar) / Phyllis Bryn-Julson (Tove) / Keith Kibler (Bauer) / Kim Scown (Klaus-Narr) / Michael Steinberg (Narrator) / New England Conservatory Orchestra / Gunther Schuller, Conductor
Released: New Release

Kurt Masur at the New York Philharmonic (Boxed Set of 10 CDs)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / New York Philharmonic Orchestra / Kurt Masur, Conductor
Released: New Release, Available by September 20, 2011

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 "Choral", Opus 125
(Carlton Classics / Pickwick Group / IMP Masters Records)

Dominiqie Labelle, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Brad Cresswell, tenor / David Arnold, baritone / Chorus Pro Musica / Donald M. Kendrick, director / Boston Philharmonic Orchestra / Benjamin Zander, conductor
Released: 1990

"Choral Fantasy...Once the orchestral variations kick in, abetted by a strong group of soloists and an expertly drilled chorus, the performance comes alive with spirited animation. On balance, this is the most consistently satisfying of Ashekanzy's three recorded Beethoven concerto cycles." Jed Distler, CLASSICSTODAY.COM

Beethoven: 5 Piano Concertos / Choral Fantasy
(London/ Decca-421718)

Vladimir Ashkenazy, piano / Mary Shearer, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato / Jon Garrison, tenor / Martin Horning, baritone / Cleveland Orchestra Chorus / Cleveland Orchestra / Vladimir Ashkenazy, conductor
Released: 1988

Zander: 20th Anniversary Edition (Box Set)
(IMP Carlton Classics #6601229 and the discs are separately available: IMP-Carlton Classics 6600992, 6601002, 6601007, 6601012 and 6601022)

Dominique Labelle, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Brad Cresswell, tenor / David Arnold, baritone / Alexander Baillie, cello / Rex Lawson, pianola / Stephen Drury, piano / Pro Musica Chorus / Boston Philharmonic Orchestra / Benjamin Zander, conductor
Released: 1999
20th Anniversary Edition

Purchase from Bridge Records

The Great Regondi: Volume 2
(Bridge Records/ BCD9055)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Douglas Rogers, treble and baritone concertina / David Starobin, guitar / Julie Lustman, piano / Giulio Regondi Guild
Released: 1994

"For Palmer the admirable D’Anna Fortunato applies a darker mezzo quality in an effort to invest the punk super-hero with some degree of seriousness..." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

Handel: Greatest Arias

Julianne Baird, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Jan Opalach, bass / Jennifer Lane, mezzo-soprano / John Ostendorf, baritone / Frederick Urrey, tenor / Madeline Tsingopoulos, mezzo-soprano / Edward Brewer, harpsichord / Brewer Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1996


"Newport Classic's superior in every way, particularly in the mastery of French enunciation by cast and chorus... D'Anna Fortunato particularly shines as Néris, tossing off spectacular coloratura in "Ah! nos peines seront communes." James Camner, OPERA NEWS

Cherubini: Médée
(Newport Records 85622)

Phyllis Treigle, soprano / Carl Halvorson, tenor / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / David Arnold, baritone / Thäis St. Julien, soprano / Jayne West, soprano / Andrea Matthews, soprano / John Ostendorf, bass-baritone / Chorus Quotannis / Brewer Chamber Orchestra (on period instruments) / Bart Folse, conductor
Released: 2003
First complete recording

"For Palmer the admirable D’Anna Fortunato applies a darker mezzo quality in an effort to invest the punk super-hero with some degree of seriousness..." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

"...a welcome addition to the catalogue. Listening to it today, one can only marvel that such a strong, enticing score has remained so little known." OPERA NEWS

"a cast of remarkably high and well-matched qualities"...deserves to be snapped up by anyone with a taste for Handel's superb and too long neglected operas." FANFARE MAGAZINE

"I am glad to have this first CD recording of the work" GRAMOPHONE

"Then there is outstanding work from soprano Julianne Baird (Deidamia), mezzo-soprano D'Anna Fortunato (Achilles) & bass John Cheek (King Lycomedes, Deidamia's father), all stylish Handelians who know how to make their words count..." AMAZON CUSTOMER

Handel: Deidamia HWV 42
(Albany Records/ TROY460)

Julianne Baird, soprano / Brenda Harris, soprano / John Cheek, bass-baritone / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Maire O'Brien, soprano / Peter Castaldi, baritone / Palmer Singers / Brewer Chamber Orchestra (on period instruments) / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 2001, 2011
Première recording

Handel: Berenice HWV 38
(Newport Records/ NW1161828)

Julianne Baird, soprano (Berenice) / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano (Selene)/ Jennifer Lane, mezzo-soprano (Demetrio) / Andrea Matthews, soprano (Alessandro) / Drew Minter, countertenor (Arsace) / John Mac Master, tenor (Fabio) / Jan Opalach, bass-baritone (Aristobolo) / Brewer Chamber Orchestra (on period instruments) / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1994
Première recording

"Title role is sung by D'Anna Fortunato whose voice has more edge and is less 'motherly' compared with the average trouser role mezzos." AMAZON CUSTOMER

Handel: Ezio HWV 29
(VOX/ VOX2-7503)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Julianne Baird, soprano / Jennifer Lane, mezzo-soprano / Nathaniel Watson, baritone / Frederick Urrey, tenor / Raymond Pellerin, countertenor / Magic Circle Opera Ensemble / Manhatten Chamber Orchestra / Richard Aulden Clark, conductor
Released: 1995
Première recording

Handel: Faramondo HWV 39
(VOX/ VOX3 7536)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano (Faramondo) / Julianne Baird, soprano (Clotilde) / Drew Minter, countertenor (Gernando) / Jennifer Lane, mezzo-soprano (Rosimonda) / Mary Ellen Callahan, soprano (Adolfo) / Peter Castaldi, baritone (Gustavo) / Lorie Gratis (Childerico) / Mark Singer, (Teobaldo) / Brewer Chamber Orchstra / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1996

"D’Anna Fortunato’s voice suits the role of Tirinto quite well." GFHANDEL.ORG

The Masterworks Vol. 19/20: Handel: Imeneo HWV 41
(VOX/ CDX 5135)

John Ostendorf, bass-baritone (Imeneo) / Julianne Baird, soprano (Rosmene) / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano (Tirinto) / Beverly Hoch, soprano (Clomiri) / Jan Opalach, bass-baritone (Argenio) / Brewer Chamber Orchestra (on period instruments) / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1994

pupille sdegnose! sareste pietose

Handel: Muzio HWV 13
(Newport Records 85540)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Julianne Baird, soprano / John Ostendorf, bass-baritone / Erie Mills, soprano / Frederick Urrey, tenor / Jennifer Lane, mezzo-soprano / Andrea Matthews, soprano / Brewer Chamber Orchestra (on period instruments) / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1993
Première recording

Handel: Sosarme HWV 30
(Newport Classic #85575)

John Aler, tenor / Julianne Baird, soprano / Drew Minter, countertenor / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Jennifer Lane, mezzo-soprano / Nathaniel Watson, baritone / Raymond Pellerin, countertenor / Edward Brewer, harpsichord / Tagkhanic Chorale / AmorArtis Orchestra, Johannes Somary, Conductor
Released: 1994

Dodge/Harbison: 1. Dodge: Cascando (Computer realization of Samuel Beckett's play) & 2. Harbison: Full Moon in March (Opera in One Act)
(Composers Recordings)

Cheryl Cobb, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Kim Scown, tenor / David Arnold, baritone / Boston Musica Viva / Richard Pittman, conductor
Released: 1981, 2011
This disc is part of an ongoing series of re-issues of the Lp catalog of the CRI (Composer's Recordings Inc.) label. These important documents of 20th c. compositions have been out of print since the advent of the CD, but have now been transferred to digital files from the original master tapes in order to make them available once again.

Haydn: La Cantarina "The Diva"
(Newport Classics/ NPD85595)

Brenda Harris (the Diva) / Jon Garrison (the Maestro) / D'Anna Fortunato (the stagemother) / Joyce Guyer (the schoolboy) / Emily Newbold, flute / Edward Brewer, harpsichord / Palmer Chamber Orchestra / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1995
Première recording

"D'Anna Fortunato, who has hitherto been heard in this country only in contemporary music, is a warm-voiced singer of intelligence, sensitive to coloration of words, whose dignified but human Dido would grace any kind of reading of the work. Her Belinda is clear and light, but just a trifle rushed off her feet in "Haste to town" (in which the chorus does actually suit the action to the words)." GRAMOPHONE

Purcell: Dido & Aeneas
(Harmonia Mundi/ HM10067)

D'Anna Fortunato (Dido) / Nancy Armstrong (Belinda) / Mark Baker (Aeneas) / Bruce Fithian (Sorcerer) / The Boston Camerata / Joel Cohen, conductor
Released: 1978

Virgil Thomson: Lord Byron (opera)
(Koch International Classics 37124-2)

Matthew Lord, tenor (Lord Byron) / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano (Lady Byron) / Jeanne Ommerlé, soprano (Mrs. Leigh) / Richard Zeller, baritone (Moore) / Monadnock Music / James Bolle, music director
Released: 1992
Festival premiere


The Art of The American Singer
(Newport Classics)

(A sampler of vocal highlights from Newport Classics Complete Operas, Oratorios and Recitals on CD)
Released: 1998

Handel: The Masterworks (Box Set of 40 CDs)
(Brilliant Classics)

This collection includes the Handelian opera Imeneo with D'Anna Fortunato in the role of Tirinto.
Released: 2004

"D’Anna Fortunato’s voice suits the role of Tirinto quite well."

Classics Sampler
(Vox Classics)

Compilation of 13 classical pieces (5 by Handel), a sampler of newly recorded performances for the VOX Music Group in New Jersey. Pieces by Handel, Satie, Faure, Puccini, Verdi, Schumann, more....
Released: 1995


Baroque Cantatas At Versaille: Clárambault, Stück

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / John Ostendorf, baritone / Brewer Baroque Ensemble (on period instruments) / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 2008

Handel: Alexander Balus HWV 65
(Newport Records)

Julianne Baird, soprano / Jennifer Lane, mezzo-soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Frederick Urrey, tenor / Peter Castaldi, baritone / Edward Brewer, harpsichord / Palmer Singers / Brewer Chamber Orchestra / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 2003

Handel: Joshua HWV 64
(Newport Records)

John Aler, tenor / Julianne Baird, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / John Ostendorf, baritone / Palmer Singers / Brewer Chamber Orchestra / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 2003
Première recording

Handel: Siroe, rè di Persia, HWV 24
(Newport Classic)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Julianne Baird, soprano / John Ostendorf, baritone / Andrea Matthews, soprano / Steven Rickards, countertenor / Frederick Urrey, tenor / Brewer Baroque Chamber Orchestra (on period instruments), Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1992
Première recording

Track 1: Where’re You Walk
Track 2: O Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me
Track 3: See, the Raging Flames
Track 4: Haste, Israel, Haste
Track 5: How Beautiful are the Feet
Track 6: Thou Shalt Break Them
Track 7: Arm, Arm, Ye Brave
Track 8: Come, Divine Inspirer
Track 9: While Kedron’s Brook
Track 10: Shall I in Mamre’s Fertile Plain
Track 11: Oh, Had I Jubal’s Lyre
Track 12: Shepherd, What Art Thou Pursuing
Track 13: Love Sounds th’Alarm

HANDEL: Where're You Walk (Favorite English Arias)
(Newport Classic/ NPD 85610)

John Aler, tenor / Julianne Baird, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / William Watson, tenor / Peter Castaldi, baritone / John Ostendorf, baritone / Edward Brewer, harpsichord / Brewer Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1997

MOZART: Requiem K. 626
(Vox 7534)

Lorna Haywood, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Patrick Romano, tenor / John Cheek, bass / AmorArtis Chorus / Amor Artis Orchestra/ Johannes Somary, conductor
Released: 1996

Alessandro Scarlatti: Agar et Ismaele esiliati
(Newport Classic #85558)

D'Anna Fortunato (Agar) / Julianne Baird (Ismaele) / John Ostendorf (Abramo) / Brenda Harris (Sara) / Erie Mills (Angelo) / Louise Schulman, violin / Edward Brewer, harpsichord / Brewer Baroque Chamber Orchestra / Rudolph Palmer, conductor
Released: 1993


...The choir, from Bucknell University, is excellent; the varied program ranges from Palestrina to pleasing contemporary pieces by John Tavener and Lee Hoiby, and the addition of harp and mezzo-soprano give it even more variety. While this disc will probably end up as Christmas background music, it's pretty classy background music." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

On This Day Earth Shall Ring!
(Albany Records/ TROY177)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Elizabeth Etters-Asmus, harp / David Cover, organ / The Rooke Chapel Choir / The Rooke Chapel Ringers / William Payn, conductor
Released: 1995

"The art songs and choral works contained in this "collage" aren't marquee attractions by any means, but many of them deserve to be. And these performances by a world-class mezzo and the choir from her Alma Mater are good enough to make one wonder why everyone isn't lining up to sing (and buy anthologies of) songs like these that are so tonal, so lyrical, and sit so beautifully in the voice." AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

An American Collage: Music For Solo Voice And Chorus
(Albany Records/ TROY098)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / David Clover, organ / Genevieve Lee, piano / The Rooke Chapel Choir of Bucknell University / William Payn, conductor
Released: 1994

Hurrah for Our National Game - Jewels from the Baseball Diamond 1858-1913
(Newport Classics)

D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / The Triskelion All-Stars
Released: 1994

Roger RUDENSTEIN: State of the Union
(MMC Recordings)

Richard Stolzman, clarinet / Paul Dykstra, piano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Matthew DiBattista, tenor / John Whittlesey, baritone / Ron Haroutunian, bassoon / Terry Everson, trumpet / Consuelo Sherba, viola / Emmanuel Feldman, cello / Bill Manley, percussion
Released: 2007

"This is finely wrought stuff, requiring performers of both insight and technical chops to put across. The performers on this release are all easily of that level, and are captured on a recording that is both highly detailed and timbrally accurate." William Zagorski, FANFARE MAGAZINE


The Flowering of Vocal Music in America, 1767-1823
(New World Records)

New World String Orchestra, Andrew Raeburn, Conductor
D'Anna Fortunato / James Tyeska / Richard Anderson / Evelyn Petros / Harriet Wingreen / Barbara Wallace / Cynthia Clarey / Debra Vanderlinde / Susan Belling
Released: 1994

HAYDN: The Spirit's Song
(Newport Classics)

Jean Danton, soprano / D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / Igor Kipnis, forte piano / Julia McKenzie, violin / Timothy Merton, cello
Released: 2003

Robert SCHUMANN: Spanish Love Songs; Andante and Variations ; Piano Quartet (ASV)

Kathleen Battle, soprano / D'anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano / John Aler, tenor / Dominic Cossa, baritone / Charles Wadsworth, piano / Richard Goode, piano / Leslie Parnas, cello / John Barrows, horn / Laurence Foster, conductor
Released: 1981

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