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"affecting...superb" ~ The New York Times

"the mezzo-soprano D’Anna Fortunato, one of Boston’s favorite musicians" ~ Boston Musical Intelligencer

"Her performance of the Feldeinsamkeit was simply gorgeous." ~ Boston Musical Intelligencer

"D'Anna Fortunato sang and acted the role with passion, sympathy and lustrous tone." ~ The Boston Globe

"Highest honors in the strong cast go to mezzo-soprano D'Anna Fortunato. Her Elka is a perfect wheedling harpy, jumping accurately through leaps and vocal hoops with the text still intact and the musicality appropriate to the situation." ~ Opera News

"D'Anna Fortunato gives Achille impetuous zest and incisiveness of expression." ~ Fanfare

"There was also an affecting performance of Ravel's "Chansons Madecasses" with the superb mezzo-soprano D'Anna Fortunato." ~ New York Times

"D'Anna Fortunato's knack for articulating clearly was a decided asset; her rich, communicative tone was another. She seemed to relish the multiple assignments... Fortunato sang a couple of elegant German arias by Handel with finesse...The mezzo also offered a warm and gently expressive account of Brahms' songs from Opus 91." ~ Florida Sun Sentinel

"The most polished singing came from D'Anna Fortunato..." ~ New York Magazine

"...a fitting vehicle for the soloist's rich tone and expressive style, especially in the melismas of its final aria. Fortunato sang…in a declamatory style richly adorned with vocal ornaments… magnificent." ~ Portland Press Herald

"D'Anna Fortunato...blossomed in the leading role." ~ Palm Beach Post

"The best thing yesterday, however, was the luscious collaboration of Fortunato and Halliday in four of Schönberg's Cabaret Songs. This delectable, overripe material encouraged mezzo and pianist to strut, posture and bawd in absolute sympathy to the music and the texts." ~ Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY

"Mezzo-soprano D'Anna Fortunato consistently meets the challenge with restrained emotion that finds freedom where both text and music require...the singer demonstrates a clear and sensitive understanding of both the poetry and the music." ~ International Alliance for Women in Music Journal

"...sung with flawless pulchritude by mezzo, D'Anna Fortunato." ~ American Record Guide

"...a delightful role for this endearing artist." ~ The Boston Phoenix

"The mezzo-soprano D'Anna Fortunato sang the songs with timbral grace and warm instincts" ~ The New York Times

"luscious voice and emotional vibrancy" ~ New York Magazine

"D'Anna Fortunato particularly shines as Néris, tossing off spectacular coloratura in "Ah! nos peines seront communes." Opera News

Mezzo-soprano D’Anna Fortunato’s interpretation was bright and oracular...also offered a trio of folk-song settings by Aaron Copland and Charles Ives, reinventing heritage in their own images." ~ Boston Globe

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